Printers are a complicated machine, to begin with, it has a lot of hardware components put together and then bundled along with a software program to manage that hardware. These printers are used as a peripheral device to our computer and help us print out hard copies of our important documents and files. Dell printers have become a very common commodity at homes and offices alike. These Dell printers give customer value for their money and of course, the brand value comes along. Although these printers work just fine for the most part but some complications are bound to occur over the course of use. Are you having trouble with your Dell printer? Does it take too long to print your documents? Does it print black pages too often? Well, no need to worry as I will address all these questions along with a possible solution in the following section. These steps thoroughly checked and researched by our group of experienced printer engineers at Dell Printer Technical Support. In case you need immediate technical assistance regarding your printer issues, Contact Dell Printer Support.

How to troubleshoot common Dell Printer issues:

Here, I will discuss some common printer issues faced by users on a day-to-day basis and how to resolve them. Follow the given set of issues and the possible solution to help yourself.

1.Printer prints black page: Often when you send a print command to your printer to print out one of the beautiful sceneries you just saw on the internet, and in return your printer gives you dark black page and nothing else. This situation is quite familiar to many mainly occurs due to the wrong installation of the cartridge which results in insufficient contact connection and leads to the dark black page.
Possible solution: Open the top part of your Dell Printer to get access to cartridges. Clean any dust or contact on your cartridge using a clean piece of cloth soaked in warm water. Verify the right color cartridge is present in ample qualities and put it back into position carefully.

2.Printer prints blank page: The issue of your printer giving back the blank page even after sending the print command can be because of two possible reasons, one your ink or toner is empty or two the seal of the newly installed toner is not properly removed.
Possible solution: Open the top part your Dell printer and remove the cartridge, now check whether the ink in your toner is below the danger mark or is it completely, replace the toner with a new one and only use original or brand recommended ink.

3.The printer gives out black stripes: The issue of your printer printing blank pages with black stripes can give nightmares to many. This situation generally occurs when the newly installed cartridge has not been properly installed or the seal covering its nozzle is not removed properly.
Possible solution: Make sure the cartridge you have installed is properly set in its place. Also, make sure to check its head and remove anything covering its nozzle.

4.Smudging: Almost every printer user have experienced smudging at some point in time in their life. The basic cause for your ink to smudge can be attributed to poor toner adhesion. If the toner is not able to heat the ink to set properly on paper smudging happens!
Possible solution: Make sure to check your fuser, drum or cartridge if they have been newly installed. Reset all these and make sure they fit into their place. Run a printer diagnostic to find out the specific reason for the cause of the issue if any.

5.Squeaking sound: The issue of your printer making squeaking sound could be because of a loose cartridge. Nobody likes their printer cartridge to make an annoying sound during work hours.
Possible Solution: In order to fix this issue, open the top compartment of your Dell printer and take out your cartridge carefully. Now install it back into its position making sure it is set and not lose as this may cause the squeaking sound to come back.

6.Low Yield: Whenever we buy a new printer the most important aspect of the fact we look at is the yield per cartridge. This yield is mentioned in the user guide as well as with the product description on the website. But often people complain about not getting the exact outcome as it suggests at the time of buying. To be honest, the yield is highly dependent on the end user. If you print solid pages with loads of images then, of course, the outcome will be far less than what has been promised.
Possible Solution: Small changes can result in better yields and overall appearance like the use of thin fonts with more line/paragraph spacing can result in a more sophisticated classic look. If you use smaller or less dense images then it helps to improve the impact. Use the Draft or Economy Mode until the final document is required to be printed. Monitoring your average yield per cartridge can allow you to plan for your needs. (Please note – if each of your color cartridges has a 5,000-page yield, it doesn’t mean you get 20,000 pages, it still means 5,000 color pages.)

7.Double image/ shadowing: The issue of your Dell printer printing double images or shadows can be because of improper calibration or if the internal hardware is nearing the end of life.
Possible Solution: Switch off your printers for few hours maybe for a night and see if the issue is resolved. You can also take help of calibration if that option is present. In case any internal removable or replaceable part is damaged then replace it with a new one.

8.Light printouts: The issue of light printouts can be troubling and could occur for a number of reasons. If the paper used for printing is damp if the density setting for the print is incorrect and set to light if the toner is on the verge of finishing.
Possible Solution: Check the printing settings of your printer and make sure they are set appropriately. Also, ensure that you cartridge ink is not finished and replace it with a new one if required.

1. Resolving Printer Connection Issues

There are three main ways of connecting your Dell Laser Printer to your PC or Network.

If you are having issues connecting to your Dell Laser Printer, please follow the appropriate guide below in Sections 2-5:

2. Unable to Print when Connected via USB

If you are having issues connecting via USB please click on the article below:

Unable To Print When Connected Via USB

3. Unable to Print Over a Network

If you are having issues connecting via an Ethernet Cable please click on the article below:

Unable to Print over a Network

4. Unable to Print Over a Wireless Network

If you are having issues connecting via WiFi please click on the article below:

Unable to Print over a Wireless Network

5. Testing the Network Connection

Use the Articles Below to test the Network Connection between your system/network and Laser Printer:

If these steps do not correct the problem, please contact Dell Technical Support.p>

These are some of the most common Dell printer issues along with a possible solution mentioned. Hopefully, these steps and troubleshooting techniques helped you resolve your printer problems.


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