Samsung printer
Samsung printer

In the era of digital printing environment, Samsung is the renowned name manufactures different types of laser printer models for both home and small office environments. Laser printers are faster than other kinds of printers, as inkjet, and cheaper to keep up the device at times. Being an electronic device, Samsung laser printers may still malfunction from time to time, requiring regular troubleshooting to fix the errors they have.

There are cases where the necessity of Samsung printer support occurs for users to gain help about the encountered technical hitches. In this tutorial, you will be able to know how to fix the common printer malfunctions met in the device. The following troubleshooting guide will explain you step-by-step in order to repair your laser printer.

Samsung Laser Printer Is Not Printing

There are a number of cases when Samsung laser printer denies the printing process even after giving a right print command from a PC. This is the case when you should check that the power cord is properly connected to an outlet and the power switch is ‘On’ state. If you have just started the printer, it is suggested to wait for a few minutes to warm it up before printing.

You should also verify that the cable is properly plugged into the computer and the printer and the same printer was selected as a default printer. If you still have the same problem, check that you have an installed toner cartridge and loaded paper in the printer as well. Sometimes, a paper jam will encounter the same error, so check for the paper jams and fix them before restarting normal operation.

Paper Jams issue

Despite being an excellent product, Samsung laser printers may still have paper jams issue, which is frequently caused by the paper’s type and measure being used. If you are having the same problem, try to load fewer paper sheets in the printer tray. When you overload paper quantity into the tray, it may pick up an extra sheet at a time that causes the printer jam.

Sometimes, specialty papers or poor quality materials may cause the jam issue, for instance, Samsung printers is still unable to handle thick and thin paper. One other reason of regular jams is leftover paper stuck in the printer from an earlier jam. Check that when you extract the paper from the printer, it is properly removed.

Blank Pages

If your Samsung laser printer is printing blank pages, the main cause is an empty or low toner cartridge. In such a situation, you should try to refill or replace the toner of your cartridge to print normally. For refilling the toner, always follow-up the right prompts, otherwise, you may experience issues related to the cartridge. Once done, reinstall the cartridge and take a test print. Still, if the page is blank, replace the toner cartridge.

Additionally, sometimes users may also experience issues related to the driver installation, printer installation, and configuration errors as well as other printing problems, etc. In such a situation, it is required to seek instant support by dialing a reliable and trusted Samsung customer service number offered by the Contact for help.

The scanner does not work.

  • Make sure that you place the original to be scanned face down on the scanner glass, or face up in the document feeder (see Loading originals).
  • There may not be enough available memory to hold the document you want to scan. Try the Prescan function to see if that works. Try lowering the scan resolution rate.
  • Check that the machine printer cable is connected properly.
  • Make sure that the machine printer cable is not defective. Switch the printer cable with a known good cable. If necessary, replace the printer cable.
  • Check that the scanner is configured correctly. Check scan setting in the application you want to use to make certain that the scanner job is being sent to the correct port (for example, USB001).

Paper sticks together.

  • Check the maximum paper capacity of the tray.
  • Make sure that you are using the correct type of paper.
  • Remove paper from the tray and flex or fan the paper.
  • Humid conditions may cause some paper to stick together.

Power and cable connecting problems

  • Connect the machine to the electricity supply first. If the machine has a  (Power/Wake Up) button on the control, press it.
  • Disconnect the machine’s cable and reconnect it.

The machine does not print.

Check the machine for the following:

If a system error occurs, contact your service representative.
Printing quality problems

  • If a vertical white streak or faded area appears on the page, the toner supply is low. Install a new toner cartridge (see Replacing the toner cartridge).
  • The paper may not meet paper specifications; for example, the paper may be too moist or rough.
  • If the entire page is light, the print resolution setting is too low or the toner save mode is on. Adjust the print resolution and turn the toner save mode off. See the help screen of the printer driver.
  • A combination of faded or smeared defects may indicate that the toner cartridge needs cleaning. Clean the inside of your machine (see Cleaning the machine).
  • The surface of the LSU part inside the machine may be dirty. Clean the inside of your machine (see Cleaning the machine). If these steps do not correct the problem, contact a service representative.


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